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What is the ALMS?


The Account List Management System (ALMS) allows a company to organize its information into an inclusive relational database. The ALMS offers organizations a competitive advantage by accessing information on demand, which provides management with...

  • Situational Awareness

  • Effective Evaluation of Relevant Information

  • Well Conceived and Monitored Plans

  • Continued Progress In Spite of Market Trends

The ALMS will allow your company to:

  • Organize data to facilitate decisions and save time

  • Integrate IT software in use by the organization

  • Inter-office exchange of data

  • Intra-office exchange of data

  • Ease of corporate access to data

  • Access management performance data, trend analysis, department activity and initiative success

  • Centralize relevant contact information

  • Develop revenue via information management
  • Create a series of fixed and flexible reports that permit effective interpretation of information

  • Have productive meetings to create plans, set goals, facilitate accountability and make constructive adjustments

  • Have department access data pertinent data

  • Have organization wide interface with operations

An ALMS is designed to meet the organization's specific needs.

PSP 1 is available to discuss how an ALMS can benefit your organization.