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Executive Summary

"Life and Death in The Executive Fast Lane"

By Manfred Kels Devries, a leading HR authority

"The derailment of a CEO is seldom caused by a lack of information about the latest techniques in marketing comes about because of a failure to get the best out of people."

Unleash the Knowledge Assets of Your Company Because Applied Knowledge is Power

In a interview Gary Fries, former CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau, offered this analysis of the radio industry, that is applicable to both the private and public business sectors:

"There is no question that leadership is part of (the problem of recruiting and maintaining great achievers in radio today). Look at the priorities of the sales manager or director of sales in a market cluster. They have so much pressure for performance that they do not have the time or energy to train and nurture new people. .We don't do a good job of investing in our people, from a training standpoint."

When the people in your organization are encouraged to maximize their position and become focused solely on prioritizing the customer's needs you will create a "sense and respond" marketing organization with a competitive advantage.

When your team members understand PSP 1's customer focused process they will achieve your agency's mission or grow your company's revenue.

A winning organization is one that incorporates "Total Staff Marketing (TSM©)

To create TSM© each individual has to know who the clients are and their importance to the organization. When the total staff becomes focused on prioritizing the customer's needs, your team will have achieved an important characteristics of a "sense and respond" organization ...customer satisfaction.

PSP 1 helps team members to:

  • Bring their individual leadership skills to their workplace;

  • Focus their leadership skills on satisfying the customer; 

  • Utilize their strengths within their department to help strengthen the organization;

  •  Interact with clients and their related business partners at the executive level;

  • Understand the mutual benefits of developing relationships with customers that go beyond the peripheral of single focus fixes.

PSP 1 helps organizations win by:

  • Designing a management partnership agreement that focuses on your agency or company's specific challenges;
  • Creating a performance based environment that ensure a high level of quality control in the delivery of your agency or company services;
  • Enhancing productivity through non-traditional communication methods;

  •   Offering a reliable alternative to the current industrialized managerial approach of "make and sell".    

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