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What is MBTI?

Don't Try To Teach A Pig to Sing...It Wastes Your Time and Annoys The Pig.

Interacting with a person based on how you like to relate, is like trying to teach a pig to sing. PSP 1 believes that every person be they janitorial, administrative, executive, co-worker, client, or friend - is an individual. Identifying the characteristics that best personifies an individual is key to determining how best to foster a relationship with that person.

Personality Type and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® are world renown for its ability to enable individuals to grow through an understanding and appreciation of individual differences. The MBTI ® has endured 50 years of application and currently has more than 2 million administrations per year.

M BTI® is a tool that provides practical access to personality type theory. Personality theory is very important in helping individuals:

• Improve communication between one another,
• Deal with conflict,
• Eliminate problem-solving blind spots,
• Enhance team performance and,
• Foster leadership development and coaching.

Here are benefits to the organization specifically. Typing will:

• Provide team members a framework for addressing differences,
• Identify team members potential strengths,
• Identify team members potential areas of growth,
• Improve team and individual problem solving processes,
• Assist with executive coaching and leadership development,
• Provide improvement in the organization's effectiveness.

PSP 1 operates from the framework of lets find a particular individuals strengths and improve them. As we improve a persons strengths we help them build natural forces that overshadow their particular challenges.

For instance, we suggest you encourage people with problem solving skills to utilize them to answer relationship development challenges. Or, encourage people with excellent intuition to slow down and get more details to create harmony and get it right the first time.

MBTI® provides 16 different type frameworks. Even so, two people with the same framework may have vastly different behaviors based on their own personality development.

PSP 1 is available to discuss how MBTI® can benefit your organization.