Personal Selling Principles
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What the MSI? What is B2B? What is MPA? What is the ALMS? What is RBA? What is TKI? What is FIRO? What is MBTI?
What is MPA?
THERE IS NO MAGIC TO SUCCESS...It takes a well thought out plan (of inclusion) executed over time.

PSP 1 has helped organizations either enhance performance or increase revenue through internal learning.

The migration from the traditional organization hierarchy to an individual customer focused organization requires a process. The "Managing Partnership Agreement" (MPA) process helps "make and sell" organizations transform themselves into "sense and respond" marketing teams.

PSP 1 has combined the information age management model of "sense and respond" with the following human capital assessment instruments to create "Total Staff Marketing " TSM)©. PSP 1 is certified with the psychological type theory instrument - Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), the Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation Behavior Instrument (FIRO-B®), Thomas Kilmann Instrument (TKI®) and TGI Teamability™.

PSP 1's learning program is modular and scaleable, offering PSP 1and its clients the flexibility to design their program , that meets the organization's specific objectives.


MODULE ONE - Total Staff Marketing - Why Are We Here?

MODULE TWO - Marketing vs Sales-The Ten Steps We Sometimes Forget

MODULE THREE - Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)-Helping You Understand You

MODULE FOUR - Helping You Understand How To Communicate Better with Others (MBTI)

MODULE FIVE -Revenue Development Through Internet Sales Training

MODULE SIX -Your Database is an Account List Management System (ALMS)

MODULE SEVEN - Understanding Our Interpersonal Behavioral Preferences (FIRO- B)                        

MODULE EIGHT - Integrating Our Personality With Our Interpersonal Behavior (FIRO-B/TKI)

MODULE NINE - How To Manipulate The ALMS For Maximum Revenue Growth (Sales)

MODULE TEN - How To Manipulating The ALMS For Maximum Revenue Growth (Management)

MODULE ELEVEN - Managers Only-Go Slow To Go Fast

MODULE TWELVE - Total Staff Marketing - Where Do We Go From Here?

Technology is rapidly converging traditional forms of communications and has made it necessary for organization's to address their internal and external communications expeditiously. The "sense and respond" management model does exactly that.

PSP 1's learning program has assisted organizations with employee clarification of goals, enhanced employee performance, increased productivity, and customer and employee satisfaction.

High Performing organizations focus on their plan, internal processes, and their people.

PSP 1 is available to discuss how the MPA can benefit your organization.