Personal Selling Principles
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What the MSI? What is B2B? What is MPA? What is the ALMS? What is RBA? What is TKI? What is FIRO? What is MBTI?
PSP Program

PSP 1 specializes in personnel, organizational, and revenue enhancements by improving internal communications.

PSP 1 has developed an innovative learning program based on the 21st century information age management model of "sense and respond" which is customer focused. This model is dramatically different than the commonly used 20th century industrialized model of "make and sell" which is company or organization focused.

PSP 1's learning program requires a change of strategic choices for make and sell organizations.

PSP 1's innovative program is centered on utilizing the "sense and respond" management model with either RBA, MBTI, FIRO-B, TKI and the ALMS, if appropriate. This transitional process requires migrating through the twelve modules of PSP 1's learning program and the proper utilization of the following human capital instruments.

RBA™ is an assessment instrument for hiring, training, managing, and advancing human capital

MBTI® is an instrument which helps an individual understand their psychological preferences.

FIRO-B® is an instrument which helps an individual understand how they prefer to interact in a group (I.E. work setting).

TKI® is an instrument which helps organizations effectively resolve conflicts. 

ALMS is designed to meet your informational management needs.

The learning program has (and can) create long-term benefits to any organization.

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PSP 1 Proof of Performance