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Proof of Performance

What business leaders and executives say about  PSP 1:

Heather B. Peeples, VP and General Manager of (multiple) Gray Television Stations:   "During a year of revenue and personnel uncertainty, we retained PSP to assist with the development of a strategic enhancement plan for two of our sales teams. PSP designed and facilitated "The Individual Development Plan" which assisted each team member with goal setting and one to one coaching that focused on goal attainment. Not only did we achieve our revenue goal, everyone admitted to growing professionally and personally from the program. We made a SOUND investment ...Thanks PSP!!!"

Jim Winston, Exec. Director, National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB): "NABOB has worked with PSP and its principals for many years, and we have always been impressed by the depth of knowledge and professionalism of the PSP team.  The Media Sales Institute developed and implemented by PSP has been a huge success and is reshaping the way companies develop their media sales staffs.  NABOB is pleased to be a sponsor of the MSI, and we look forward to expanding our relationship with PSP." 

Ron R. Davenport, Jr., President of Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation: "PSP management was of tremendous benefit to my company after we made a significant management change.PSP management brought a wealth of talent, experience, and expertise to our day to day issues and had a hugely positive impact on our operation.  We continue to employ many of the strategies and techniques that PSP management brought to us, and PSP continues to be an important resource for my company." 

Heather Monahan, Vice President of Sales of Beasley Broadcast Group: "Jeffrey's in-depth product knowledge, unique instructional technique, and excellent people skills brought him rave reviews from our Top Sellers."

John C. David, Exec. V.P. National Association of Broadcasters (NAB): "Customer focused selling is what is going to take radio into the 21st century."

Donna Kessler, President of Operations of Morris Visitor Publications (MVP): "This was our first experience working with PSP and we were pleasantly surprised by the level of knowledge and professionalism expressed by the candidates, which I attribute to the PSP selection process and training program. PSP's ability to assist with training the candidates for our business model, and their support of the candidates through their Morris Visitor Publication (MVP) orientation term was wonderful and much appreciated."

Hundley Batts, President of Broadcast One Radio Group: "PSP's program not only improved our revenue significantly in one year, it also helped management to enhance our entire staffs capability at the same time."

Gregory A. Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Davis Broadcasting: "After working with PSP, it is easy to understand why companies would turn to Jeffrey Myers and PSP for advice and assistance. Personal Selling Principles eye for detail and knack for sales are to be admired. Jeffrey's team brings personal everyday experiences to life, shaping judgments in leadership in the real world of broadcasting.  I highly recommend his practical selling principles …guaranteed success."

Vinny Brown, Executive Vice President of Taxi Productions, (KJLH-FM):  "We contracted the services of PSP to provide an overall outside "objective assessment" of our organizational structure. I found PSP to be both thorough and comprehensive in their approach. PSP proved to be a valuable asset in offering strategic support to our revenue team. Their in-depth understanding of the current state of the broadcasting and media industries offered insights that revealed useful opportunities for us to pursue. The return on investment exceeded our expectations."

Brian Knox, Senior V.P. Director Corporate Diversity for Katz Media Group: "For over 7 years, Katz Media Group and the media sales industry has benefited from PSP's innovative staff development program known as the Media Sales Institute.  This and other PSP programs have assisted us and other organizations with either "revenue development" or "productivity enhancements".  Our association with PSP has been both profitable and beneficial."

Ann Young Orr, Executive Director of National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF):  "The past few years, NABEF has worked closely with PSP on successfully expanding the Media Sales Institute (MSI).  PSP's knowledge and passion for media sales has enhanced the Florida A&M

MSI program, benefiting the industry, recruiting companies, students of color, and Florida A&M's School of Journalism and Graphic Communications."

Ivan Roshell, Sales Manager WEUP AM/FM: " PSP has been a wonderful asset to me both personally and professionally. I have worked with Jeffery and PSP since 2005, and have seen tremendous growth and improvement both as a sales manager and as a company as a whole, stemming directly as a result of the recommendations and mentoring they have offered. I would strongly recommend PSP to anyone looking to improve their work force and strengthen their bottom line.

Michael D. Osterhout, Chief Operating Officer of Morris Broadcast Group: "The Morris Broadcast Group first retained PSP in 2001, to assist one of our six radio markets with revenue development. Due to the success of that relationship, PSP's responsibilities were expanded to include our entire radio group. Since then, PSP has successfully assisted us with group uniformity, annual revenue growth, new business development and individual professional growth for each employee."