Press Release

Open Government TV & PSP 1, LLC, Partner to Develop Media Stem Institutes

On February 12, 2013 Open Government TV (“OGTV”) and Personal Selling Principles, LLC  (“PSP 1”) developer of The Media Sales Institute program (“MSI”), announced its partnership specifically focused on and associated with the national media campaign entitled “Media Moves STEM in America.” The partnership is committed to the development, implementation, and proliferation of the message (through its media partners) to support the initiative of “Media Moves
STEM in America.”

On the evening of January 25, 2011, Keith Moore, Founder of OGTV, was positioned at the U.S.
Capitol along with the other major news outlets interviewing members of Congress from both
sides of the Congressional isle, after President Obama’s declaration to the nation on science,
technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as a “national priority.” Additionally, he stated that
“America must out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world.” OGTV confirmed
bi-partisan agreement from the following members of Congress who echoed similar sentiments;
Congressman Leonard Lance (R – NJ), Congressmen Greg Meeks (D – NY), Congresswoman
Allison Shwartzs (D – Pa), and former Congressman Allen West (R – FL). From that day forward,
OGTV has developed its media programming with a determination to examine if America would
ever reach these goals.

Based on this background, OGTV has launched a campaign in an attempt to help avert the
impact of sequestration on the nation, a campaign entitled: “Congress…must not Sequester
STEM in America.” In order to rally America, OGTV has partnered with an 8a and minorityowned
performance enhancement company, PSP1, LLC, the developer of the successful Media
Sales Institute program, since 2000. Media STEM Institutes will be modeled after the MSI
program formula, which is currently in use at three culturally diverse and one general market
university. PSP 1 and OGTV will consult with the National Association of Black Owned
Broadcasters (NABOB) certified technicians to craft community engagement campaigns
executed by local “Anchor” Broadcasters. The broadcast/media campaigns will be designed to
engage, educate and empower communities that STEM has the potential to revolutionize.
Through Social, Local and Mobile outlets (NOT To Sequester STEM) will empower communities
to prosper from President Obama’s initiative to “out-educate and out-innovate” our international

PSP 1, LLC based in Beltsville, Maryland is a performance enhancement company that
specializes in organizational development. OGTV recognizes PSP as developer, facilitator and
architect of the Media Sales Institute program and welcomes their proven model for the “Media
Moves STEM in America” initiative. PSP will be responsible for the expert personnel needed to
implement the goals of this partnership, including curriculum design, project development and

Jeffrey P. Myers, Principal of PSP 1 said, “Media Moves STEM in America offers business,
education and government the opportunity to collaborate and produce a meaningful outcome for
those who need it the most.”

OGTV was created to engage, educate, and empower by building partnerships and ‘connecting
the disconnected’ in the 21st century economy, using media to advance science, engineering and
technology education. OGTV engages large businesses, educates small business and
empowers both the public and the private sector to help create jobs, and restore our nation’s
economy. OGTV is now a full scale media production firm that produces an online educational
platform to provide some of the most relevant and up to date information important to growing a
business in a challenging economic climate while also offering the latest social media and Gov
2.0 technologies important to both the private sector and government agencies.
Keith Moore, OGTV Founder says, “The two political parties will have to come together on the
reality associated with across-the-board budget cuts as the nation will never achieve its
innovation and job creation targets if we sequester STEM”.

For more information, visit or call 202-469-3423 or PSP 1, LLC at
301) -595 -1871.